Knowledge Journaling and Taking it to The Next Level

“Information Journaling” is an expression begat by Kip Gregory, and this is an idea he clarifies in his different courses. One take off idea was the capacity to record discussions and transform those into miniaturized scale blogging sound nibbles, sound introductions, YouTube Videos, and so on.. Consider in the event that you will all the occasions when you have disclosed something to somebody while on the telephone. Prior to retirement, I was a franchisor, and our franchisees used to call me almost 24-seven. They would ask me inquiries, similar sorts of inquiries I’d addressed many occasions previously.

It would’ve spared significantly more opportunity to have that data accessible in mixed media where a franchisee could proceed to audit it. That bodes well right? Sure it does, however you wouldn’t need to be a franchisor author to utilize such an information journaling strategy. On the off chance that the framework were accessible, and could record your PDA discussions for you, you may discover it would be anything but difficult to alter it, and gather that data, and afterward repurpose it, reuse it, and reuse it again and again. Obviously, on the off chance that you would not like to spare it, you basically delete it.


It would be a lot of like a computerized recorder on constantly, and it would be useful for guardians, understudies, educators, tutors, specialists, and entrepreneurs. At the point when you pass your insight onto another person, it implies they esteem it and need it. On the off chance that they need it, odds are another person needs it as well, maybe somebody who may pay you for it, or you may utilize the data and post it on the Internet to get future customers, extra supporters, or possibly you’re into getting more companions on your Facebook page, Google+ page, or Twitter account.

In numerous respects this could take the best everything being equal and you could utilize it for a superior reason. You are taking the expressed word, and your real information as it streams out of your cerebrum and to another gathering, alongside discourse acknowledgment programming, and utilizing it to do beneficial things, help other people, and offer data. To be sure I accept that was the whole motivation behind the Internet when it originally began; to share data among mankind.

As a matter of fact when it originally began it was for analysts to share their insight, and that is the thing that knowledge journaling is about, and why we have to take it to a more elevated level. On the off chance that you are an author or speaker, this data could be priceless to you and your future. Envision the entirety of the articles you could create or the extraordinary discourses you could convey with this material? Without a doubt, I trust you will please think about this and think on it. On the off chance that you have extra thoughts and methodologies along this line of thought, it would be ideal if you send me an email.