Property Copywriting for Powerful Creative Product Listing Copy

Property Copywriting for Powerful Creative Product Listing Copy

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Find Security In An Insecure World!

Does the prospect of retirement or job termination fill you with fear and anxiety about the future? Research has shown that the greatest fear of “Baby Boomers” is that economic uncertainties and rising medical costs will change the “golden years” they are so eagerly anticipating into a greatly reduced life-style, even poverty. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of spending my remaining years working 40 hours a week as a store greeter (if there is an opening) doesn’t hold much attraction for me. Life doesn’t have to be this way.

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You Write Good Like Caveman

I am punny by nature. So, when a client was struggling to simplify their website copywriting, I wasn’t sure how to tell them the one simple truth about their problem: the way they wrote was too complicated.

In other words:

We work diligently to process the needs of our high-level administration clients into viable market place solutions… 

Instead of:

We’re executive level consultants. 

Now, here’s the dirty truth: you can put as many adjectives into your writing as you want, but what you do is what you do. And you can’t polish a turd (sorry, just loving that phrase lately.)

Writing Like a Caveman

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